Whether you’re new to Plentiful or have been using the service for a while, we’re here to answer any questions you may have!

Getting started with Plentiful

What is Plentiful?

Can my pantry use Plentiful?

Do I need Internet access to use Plentiful?

Do I need a computer to use Plentiful?

How much does Plentiful cost?

How can I get low-cost internet access for my pantry?

Who made Plentiful?

Does Plentiful require me to collect sensitive information about my clients?

Is my data safe with Plentiful?

Does Plentiful require a client to provide a phone number?

How can I learn more?

How can I find food pantries for my clients?

Do you have additional resources for my pantry?

Plentiful for Pantries

How do I cancel a service?

What Do I Do If My Hardware Is Damaged, Lost, or Stolen While I Am Logged Into Plentiful?

How do I add a new visitor in Plentiful?

How do I update or Correct a Client's Information?

Can I reset my password?

Can I see whether my clients are using other pantries?

Can I serve clients who have not registered in Plentiful?

Can I use Plentiful to communicate with my clients?

Is Plentiful available in multiple languages?

Does Plentiful allow clients to make reservations?

Can my clients designate a representative to pick up their food?

Do you have anything to help me tell my clients about Plentiful?

Plentiful for Clients

Can you help me get my clients using Plentiful?

Can my non-English speaking clients use Plentiful?

Can my clients opt-out of Plentiful messages?

Can my clients designate a representative to pick up their food?

Do clients have to register with Plentiful to receive food?

Can my clients register themselves on Plentiful?

How can I find a food pantry and make a Reservation? (Texting Only)

Do you have any guides to show me and my family how to use Plentiful?

Plentiful for Social Service Agencies

My clients do not have cell phones or internet access, how can I show them where they can find food pantries?

Can I receive any handouts to give to my clients, students, or friends?

Can we use Plentiful Reservations for our Social Service Agency?

Plentiful Resources

Do you have any resources to help me operate Plentiful at my food pantry?

Do you have any tips on Messaging?

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